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Private Christian School in Porter, TX

Courageous Christian Academy is a private learning center that currently services PreK-3, PreK-4 and Kindergarten students in the Kingwood/Porter, Texas area.

We are a private Christian school dedicated to academic learning through movement, music and hands-on activities, all while focusing on Christ. Children in our day camps and preschool will receive the dedicated care and attention they need from our experienced teachers. We design our education services so that the students learn as much as they can, while also retaining all that they are taught.

Private Christian School

Beginning in August 2018, we will continue to build our dream by opening primary (1st-5th Grade), secondary (6th-12th Grade) througout the course of the following five years, We are also currently preparing to begin our pursuit of accreditation through two State approved agencies during these first several years.

In addition to the regular lessons taught at our private school, we also offer an after school program. This program allows for students to continue engaging in action based learning activities even after school hours. Guided by our dedicated instructors, children enrolled at Courageous Christian Academy receive excellent early childhood learning experiences.

Private Christian School

Our Purpose at Courageous Christian Academy:

Our purpose is to provide a loving, research-based, unique educational alternative for families while representing the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our Mission at Courageous Christian Academy:

Our mission is for students, staff, and families to grow in wisdom, faith, truth, and character while innovativing, building competent, energetic, and loving Christ-centered leaders.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a Christ-based private education center, Courageous Christian Academy is the place to go! We offer our service to the families of Porter, TX, and we look forward to meeting you!

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